Let’s document our hands making lace


In previous blog posts I have featured various lacemaking tools – pillows, bobbins, prickers, pin pushers, pin lifters, and bobbin stands.  But the most important tool in bobbin lacemaking is of course a lacemaker’s hands.

My mum is an avid quilter and recently came up with the idea of creating a Pinterest board that shows quiltmakers’ hands at work.

And I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could create a similar Pinterest board about lacemakers’ hands at work.  The aim is to showcase the hands of lacemakers from all over the world while they are busy making bobbin lace.

I would like to invite you to take part in this project.

I have created a Pinterest board called Hands Making Bobbin Lace on Letslace’s Pinterest page.  It is still in the ‘secret’ space of Letslace’s Pinterest page (i.e., not yet available for public viewing).  I will organise and sort the photos as they come in.  I hope to make the board public for everyone to enjoy in the next month or so once I am happy with the look of the board.

Each photo will be accompanied by a caption with the lacemaker’s name, surname, country, year, and a brief description of the work.  I know some people don’t really like putting their details out there on social media, so if you don’t want to include your surname, that is perfectly OK.  Here are a few examples of the type of captions I have in mind (to give you an idea of word count):

  • Yvette Slabbert from New Zealand making a Binche handkerchief edging (2016).
  • Noelene from Australia making a Torchon bookmark (2016).
  • Alessandra from Spain making a bobbin lace fan (2016).
  • Riet from the Netherlands making a motif in Withof-Duchesse (2016).
  • Jo from the United States of America finishing her Bedfordshire handkerchief edging (2016).

I will not use your photo for any purpose other than publishing it on the new Letslace Pinterest board called Hands Making Bobbin Lace.  (But please be aware that other Pinterest users may repin your photo and that we have no control over it once that is done – that is simply the nature of Pinterest.)

If you would like to participate in this project, here are some guidelines for the photos:

  • Please ask someone to take a photo of your hands while you are working on your bobbin lace project (or your hands resting on your lace pillow in contemplation.)
  • It should be a coloured photo in portrait orientation.  Photos uploaded to Pinterest work best if they are taken in portrait orientation.
  • Please do not send landscape orientation or square photos.
  • Please do not crop or resize the photo before emailing it to me – send in ‘Large’ format.
  • If you wish to enhance the colour in the photo, that is fine.
  • Please include a caption in the body of your email with the following information:  Your name, surname (optional), country, type of lace (and pattern name if you wish) and the year in which the photo was taken.

Here are some examples of photos that could be included in the Hands Making Bobbin Lace board on Letslace’s Pinterest page:

Version 3
Yvette Slabbert of New Zealand finishing off a Torchon mat (2012)
Yvette Slabbert of New Zealand working on a Flanders handkerchief edging (2014)
Yvette Slabbert of New Zealand cutting some thread from a Torchon mat (2012)

Photos can be emailed to me by going to Letslace’s Facebook page and click on the ‘Send email’ button.  The button is located towards the right hand side of the cover photo at the top of the page.     It is a public Facebook page, so you don’t need to join Facebook to be able to see the page or to use the Email button.  Once you have clicked on the ‘Send email’ button, it should open up an email addressed to Letslace.  Please attach your photo, include a caption in the body of the email and then email it to me.

I will let you know via a blog post once the Hands Making Bobbin Lace Pinterest board is made public.

Here are some photos of mum’s hands quilting – the inspiration for this project!



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