Gimp threads are used to outline motifs in bobbin lace to provide greater definition.  The gimp thread is typically thicker than the thread used to make the motif.

The gimp thread always lies under the left-hand thread and over the right-hand thread of the pair that it is working through – regardless of the direction in which the gimp is working.  To remind yourself of this, remember that you always need to “lift the left” – ie, take the pair of bobbins that the gimp needs to work through and lift the left bobbin.

Gimp working from left to right

If the gimp is working from left to right through the pair, it passes under the left-hand bobbin and over the right-hand bobbin.

Gimp L to R for blog

Gimp working from right to left

If the gimp is working from right to left through the pair, it passes over the right-hand bobbin and under the left-hand bobbin.

Version 2


This video demonstrates how to work with a gimp thread.  It shows how to work from left to right with the gimp, and also how to work from right to left.

You can see more videos demonstrating bobbin lace techniques on Letslace’s Youtube channel.

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