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Finding lacemaking resources and knowledge is as easy as clicking on a link nowadays.

In our media-centric society our sense of community and how it is formed has changed the face of lacemaking societies and networks dramatically.  Ever increasing social connectivity means knowledge,  resources and inspiration are at our fingertips thanks to the internet.  Not having access to a lace teacher or an actual lace community is no longer the stumbling block it once was.  There is an abundance of tutorials, blog posts, online discussion forums, patterns, diagrams and Youtube videos to help you get started.

Below is a list of some of my favourite bobbin lace links for you to explore.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Facebook groups

Lacemaking groups on Facebook provide a great way to interact with lacemakers from all over the world.  Members post photos of their work in progress, finished projects and useful links.  A great tool for sharing ideas, tips and tricks and to ask for advice.

I love the following Facebook groups:

Bobbin Lace Makers

Bobbin Lace Making


Bobbin Lace Market

Note that some of these groups are closed groups, so you will need to join first before having access to their content.

IMG_9879 - Version 2Bobbin lace for beginners – tutorials, techniques and patterns

Jo Edkins’ Bobbin Lace School

This is possibly the most comprehensive bobbin lace site for beginners on the web.  Clear, coloured diagrams with comprehensive instructions and animated demonstrations of a very wide range of techniques and stitches.


Lorelei Halley’s website.  Lessons and tutorials on learning bobbin lace basics.  Plenty of diagrams and photographs.  It also has links to various free patterns.

Lacemaking communities, networks and discussion forums

IOLI Ning Forum

A network for anyone who loves to talk about handmade lace.  Membership of IOLI (International Organisation of Lace Inc) is not required for participation or membership in this forum.  Great collection of resources with links to tutorials, videos and patterns.  Discussion groups dedicated to individual types of bobbin lace.

Lace Gumnuts

An internet group for lacemakers living in Australia.  An incredible selection of book reviews and a great section on ‘Hints and Tips’.

Inspirational lacemakers with an internet presence

Louise West

Louise West is a contemporary lace artist based in Derby.  She has extensive experience in traditional English Bobbin laces, particularly Buckinghamshire Point Ground Lace and Floral Bedfordshire.

Alexandra Stillwell

Alexandra Stillwell has published nine books and thirteen booklets on lacemaking.  Her books Floral Bucks Point Lace and Geometrical Bucks Point Lace are great resources for any student of point ground laces.

Joyce Fleming

Originally from Northern Ireland, Joyce moved to New Zealand in 2005.  She is known for her unique harakeke lace, and also for her beautiful contemporary designs that challenge the form of traditional bobbin lace.

Rosemary Shepherd

Rosemary Shepherd is a lacemaker and lace historian from Australia.  She was the specialist lace curator at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum for 20 years where she developed the Lace Study Centre and wrote a classification system for the lace collection. In 1990 she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for service to the arts, particularly lacemaking.  Her book Introduction to Lacemaking is a great resource for beginner lacemakers.

Brenda Paternoster

Brenda’s book Threads for Lace will teach you everything you need to know about thread, and how to select the most appropriate thread size for the lace that you want to make.  It contains a comprehensive survey of more than 1,800 different types of thread.

Jean Leader

Jean Leader is a lacemaker and textile enthusiast from Glasgow, Scotland.  She also designs, teaches and writes books.  She  even has an iPhone app called Lace, which provides a quick reference to almost 70 different styles of lace.  She has been chairman of The Lace Guild and is currently vice-president of the International Organisation of Lace (IOLI).

She has written various books (including about Bucks Point and Bedfordshire lace) and has also made DVDs about Torchon and Bucks Point.

Kloskant Atelier Amsterdam

Gon Homburg’s beautiful website.  Every Wednesday around 3pm a group of bobbin lace teachers publishes a lace edging or insertion on this website.  It is beautifully produced.  Each pattern is available via pdf download for free.  The download  contains a coloured close up photo of the finished lace, plus pricking, working diagram and instructions.

International lace organisation


The international bobbin and needle lace organisation.  It is an organisation for lacemakers of different countries with a focus that transcends nationality.


National / regional lace organisations

The New Zealand Lace Society

Official website of the New Zealand Lace Society.

Australian Lace Guild

The website of the national body for Australian lacemakers.

The Lace Society

The Lace Society promotes and supports all types of lace making and an interest in lace in general.  It is a membership organisation.  The Lace Society has an extensive library of nearly 600 lace related books.

The Lace Guild

Official site of the British Lace Guild with information on all aspects of lacemaking and Guild activities.


Official site of the International Organization of Lace Inc.  IOLI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the study and preservation of all types of laces. Their goals include teaching and promoting lacemaking and lace identification. They encourage educational programs for public benefit, such as lacemaking demonstrations and exhibits of lace collections. IOLI has members located through-out the world with the greatest concentration in the United States.
IOLI is currently active in 24 countries, with over 1100 active members.


The Kantcentrum in Brugge, Belgium delivers lace courses, runs its own publishing house for books and lace patterns and organises lace workshops.  It publishes the legendary Kant magazine and also organises lace teacher training.


Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst was established to encourage interest in lace and the making of lace.  Their magazine, Kantbrief, is published four times per year.  The website has a great ‘Technique‘ page with clear diagrams and instructions.  It also has a beautiful selection of patterns with colour photos and clear instructions.  There is also a section especially for children – with instructions and patterns.

Belgische Kant Organisatie

Belgian Lace Organisation.

Deutscher Kloppelverband

Website of the German Bobbin Lace Association.

The Guild of Irish Lacemakers

The Guild of Irish Lacemakers was formed specifically to promote and assist practising lacemakers, especially those making traditional Irish laces.

The Catalonian Lace Guild (Spain)

Organisation for lacemakers in Catalonia (Spain) with 2,000 members.

Bobbin Lace European Network

Finland Lace Organisation

Danish Lace Organisation

Swiss Lace Society



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